High Quality, Site Mixed Concrete in Crawley, Brighton & the South East | MV Concrete

If you’re in Surrey, Sussex or elsewhere in the wider South East and in search of a reliable, affordable supplier of site mixed concrete – look no further than MV Concrete Ltd. We have a wide range of graded concrete mixes suitable for all sorts of applications, from minor landscaping projects at homes in Brighton or Crawley, to massive industrial works in East Grinstead or Horsham. All our concrete complies fully with BS 8500-1 and BS EN 206.

Our fleet of volumetric mixer trucks allows us to provide fresh, site mixed concrete of the highest quality to individuals, trades and companies. Site mixed concrete provides a number of benefits over buying concrete from a builders yard or similar retailer, benefits we’ve looked to explore further down this page. But to provide a quick synopsis: opting for site mixed concrete gives you exactly what you need, wherever you require it; it’s a flexible service that allows for changes in the quantity and consistency of concrete right at the last minute, should your needs change.

However, that’s not to say we aren’t meticulous in our planning. We work with our Brighton, Crawley, East Grinstead and Horsham clients to ensure they get professional advice and assistance from the get-go. Our aim is to ensure your project has the perfect grade of site mixed concrete at hand, at the right time, so it can proceed smoothly and efficiently without delay.

Why Choose Site Mixed Concrete?

  • Our volumetric mixers allow us to create site mixed concrete to a precise volume, so you only end up paying for what you use. This means you don’t over order, a common issue that individuals, trades and companies around our principal service areas of Brighton, Crawley, East Grinstead and Horsham have experienced. It also reduces waste concrete, which is a big plus on the ecological side of things.
  • When you opt for site mixed concrete you’re getting a 100% fresh material that will be much easier to pour, and perform better in all categories. Pre-mixed concrete purchased from a yard can be delayed on route and thus cure early or become simply unworkable. The reliability you get with site mixed concrete provides clients peace of mind.
  • Due to the aforementioned fleet, and the fact we have a range of concrete pump hire options available, we can cater our service to the individual: whether they need a small amount for a domestic project, or a colossal amount for a large commercial new build scheme. It’s handy knowing the team you’ve chosen to assist with a job in Brighton, Crawley, East Grinstead, Horsham or its surrounds, is able to handle whatever you throw at them!

What are you waiting for? To learn more about how our site mixed concrete can streamline your project, and ensure it is a success, call Crawley, Surrey and Sussex’s MV Concrete today!