Superior Concrete in Horsham, Crawley & Horley | Supplying Sussex & Surrey

Here at MV Concrete Ltd, we design and supply premium grade site mixed concrete for use on domestic, commercial and industrial projects of any kind. With services backed by over two decades of trade and industry experience, we tailor our service to suit the requirements of each individual client. This allows us to provide the perfect concrete solution for their own specific project in Crawley, Horsham, Horley or any other Sussex or Surrey location.

With a wide variety of mixes available, concrete not only provides durability, strength and longevity, it also offers outstanding versatility and flexibility. With an such an array of uses and benefits, it’s no wonder concrete remains a vital component of the construction industry.

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What Makes Concrete a Superior Material?


It’s common knowledge that concrete holds impressive durability, but fewer people realise that it actually gains strength over time. With a service life of approximately 100 years, concrete’s unrivalled credentials play a vital role in conserving resources by drastically reducing the need for reconstruction work.

This durability offers outstanding resistance to erosion, weathering and natural disasters. As a result, it rarely requires maintenance work, let alone repairs. With everything considered, site mixed concrete represents a sensible investment for construction projects in Crawley, Horsham, Horley and the neighbouring areas.

Economic Advantages

When it comes to the energy used by a building over the course of its service life, operational energy requirements account for approximately 85% of the total. However, by using concrete, property owners and developers utilise the benefits of a highly efficient, cost-effective material that plays an essential role in the creation of energy-efficient buildings.

A sustainable concrete building has the potential to yield more than 20% of the total construction cost in life cycle savings. A significant amount of these savings come in the form of concrete’s thermal mass. This allows structures to harvest natural energy sources like the sun, as well as capturing thermal energy from features such as light fixtures.

When used in combination with cooling systems and active radiant heating, the thermal mass of concrete helps to reduce the energy used in heating and cooling a building by at least 29%.


Site mixed concrete scores highly in regard to the safety, security and health of building occupants. As an inert material, concrete doesn’t feed mildew or rot and it doesn’t let off gas with any volatile compounds. In fact, it plays a vital role in providing fantastic indoor air quality by preventing the entry of dust, pollen and airborne pollutants.

Construction companies, designers and engineers in Crawley, Horsham and the wider Sussex and Surrey area know concrete inside-out. As a known-quantity that has been refined over time, the processes involved in its use have clearly stated guidelines that produce optimal results. In contrast, new materials or systems have less of a proven track record, leaving them open to compromised Health & Safety.

As locally trusted concrete and screed suppliers, we provide a comprehensive service that covers every need, from concrete pump hire to same- or next-day delivery.

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