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MV Concrete is proud of its reputation as Horsham’s go-to site mixed concrete and screed suppliers. We deliver a full range of tailored services, ensuring that you have quality materials at hand that are easy and quick to access; if accessibility is indeed an issue, we have solutions like concrete pump hire that overcome such problems. It’s our aim to make obtaining high quality concrete mixes easy and affordable.

Below, we’ve run over some more of the benefits that we provide domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Horsham, and surrounding locales throughout our area of coverage. To speak with our team directly, pick up the phone and call 01342 844 553 or 07748 189 400.

The Benefits Our Services Provide Clients

Meet Deadlines – Whether you’re part of the smallest residential undertaking, or a huge industrial project due to span a number of years, sticking to particular timescales is important; the end user expects the project complete by a set time, and even minor delays can quickly have a domino effect, setting everything back. MV Concrete, as the Horsham area’s site mixed concrete and screed suppliers, helps clients save time and get things done before timeframes start to slip.

How? Firstly, by delivering tailored concrete mixes directly to you. This prevents you from having to visit a builder’s yard in Horsham to purchase concrete separately, and transport it to the site. You can focus on other areas of the job, confident that the required concrete will soon on site at the requested time. Secondly, via our concrete pump hire option. This prevents the need from travelling between vehicle and site, and instead sees high quality site mixed concrete delivered to the pour site. It results in quicker, easier pours.

Reduced Wastage – If you buy pre-mixed concrete for a project in Horsham, you have to estimate how much you’ll need. Two factors make this a poor approach: you may order too little, causing delays, or you’ll order too much (often the case due to the set volumes concrete is often purchased in); in the latter case, you end up wasting money on concrete mixes you don’t need.

With site mixed concrete from our concrete and screed suppliers, you only pay for what you use. We conjure up fresh batches on site, using our volumetric mixers. By reducing wastage you both save money and improve on the ecological side of things, as excess concrete might otherwise need to be thrown out.

Easy Access to Difficult Areas – Many sites have hurdles that need to be overcome. Perhaps the pour site is an awkward position, there are a number of obstacles around, or located far from the roadside (so a volumetric mixer can’t be parked up near it). Our site mixed concrete and screed suppliers are problem solvers by nature, and can employ concrete pump hire to supply a site remotely with the ideal concrete mixes for the job at hand.

In the Horsham area and need reliable concrete and screed suppliers for an upcoming or ongoing project? Call our friendly team on 01342 844 553 or 07748 189 400.