First Choice for High Quality, Site Mixed Concrete in Brighton

MV Concrete serves as the trusted provider of high quality, site mixed concrete for domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Brighton and the wider Sussex area. Our experienced team provide advice and assistance at every turn, from first point of contact, until the project for which you require our concrete is done and dusted. Our range of services extends beyond just our work as site mixed concrete and screed suppliers, and we provide concrete pump hire at extremely competitive rates, on flexible terms.

Below, we’ve focused on the various domestic projects which we regularly take on around the Brighton area. But if you’re a prospective commercial or industrial client, we want to hear from you – so pick up the phone and give us a call on 01342 844 553 or 07748 189 400. Whether it’s concrete pump hire or simply site mixed concrete you’re after, you’ll get a quality service at a fantastic rate.

3 Common Domestic Situations Where Concrete Excels

Foundations & Floors – There’s no point building a garage, shed or similar outbuilding with poor foundations; its structural integrity will mean that any value you looked to add to your property via their addition will be instantly wiped away due to safety concerns, and future issues will cost vastly more to put right than the money you saved by cutting corners on the foundations/floors.

Homeowners in the Brighton area choose MV Concrete as we can supply site mixed concrete of varying grades, ensuring that you only pay for the concrete you need, both in terms of quantity and core characteristics. After consolation, we’ll be able to tell you exactly the type of concrete that will suit your needs, so you can construct rock solid foundations that will stand the test of time; the same goes for if you’re searching for a screed supplier, perhaps for a top later that will function as an industrial-finish style floor.

Patios & Patio Bases – Many of our Brighton clients call us in when they’re looking to add a patio to their property. Patios are wonderful outdoor spaces that can be used for entertaining, or eating outdoors when the weather is nice. However, they can quickly get very expensive. Concrete is one of the cheaper materials, offering a simple aesthetic, but at the same time being hard wearing and simple to maintain.

Alternatively, you can have our concrete and screen suppliers build a concrete base, which will prevent weeds from growing and allow you to place decorative stone slabs on top for a great finished look. Our concrete pump hire service allows you to do this at your own pace, as and when you find time to work on the project (should you be one of Brighton’s many DIY’ers)

Driveways – Concrete makes for fantastic driveways. It’s lower maintenance than tarmac and gravel, and far more hardwearing. Many Brighton businesses use concrete driveways for their commercial and industrial businesses, due to how well it deals with heavy plant equipment and larger vehicles, but that certainly doesn’t mean they fall short on the domestic side of things.

As seasoned concrete and screen suppliers, we can match a grade of concrete to your individual needs – so that a domestic client who drives a mini doesn’t end up paying for a concrete driveway that would support two monster trucks!

Searching for reputable concrete and screed suppliers in the Brighton area? Look no further than MV Concrete. Call us today on 01342 844 553 or 07748 189 400.