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MV Concrete are committed to customer satisfaction. It’s important to us that domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Crawley and the wider South East continue to view us as the gold standard amongst site mixed concrete and screed suppliers. So we continue to stay sharp, keeping an edge on the competition… and that’s what this page is about: why you should choose MV Concrete over competing suppliers of creed and concrete mixes, and providers of services like concrete pump hire.

If you’re a return client or have otherwise already decided to choose our team, pick up the phone and give us a call at your earliest convenience on 01342 844 553 or 07748 189 400.

Why Use MV Concrete Over the Competition?

Industry Experts – Whatever the size and nature of your development, from a small driveway to one of Crawley’s more ambitious schemes, you’re going to want to work with quality materials that stand the test of time. Experience is a big factor here; our team know how to create the perfect concrete mixes to suit any particular application. This experience also stands for reliability: we’ve been serving the Crawley area for many years now, and have an immaculate reputation for showing up on time, with the required apparatus and materials.

Overcoming Obstacles – Not every site is perfect ground positioned by a roadside or designated parking; in fact – very few are! Sometimes, transporting concrete mixes to and from a vehicle and an awkwardly position site isn’t feasible. Other times it’s possible, but a huge amount of time and effort is required. Our concrete pump hire services help Crawley clients solve these issues by quickly and efficiently delivering site mixed concrete from a volumetric mixer, to the pour site via tubing.

Cost-Efficiency – Another option you have is to use concrete and screed suppliers who pre-mix batched concrete, which you then transport to the site. This often leads to over or under purchasing the required concrete mixes. In the former case, you sacrifice cost efficiency and end up spending far too much; you also have the issue of wastage and the environmental impact. In the latter case, you have to send out for more concrete, which can cost time and resulting labour costs. Using our concrete and screed suppliers, you only pay for what you use, and we can adjust to increased demand on the spot should estimates prove slightly off.

Tidiness – Keeping a site clean is important for two big reasons: workflow and efficiency, and health and safety. Via our concrete pump hire option, and the aforementioned experience of working on Crawley construction sites as concrete and screed suppliers, we help keep sites clear and safe to work on, preventing spillages and other such accidents.

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