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Having the wrong materials to hand can seriously hamper any development project. This is especially true for concrete; the wrong grade or strength can lead to huge issues, and the project being scrapped and restarted. That’s why, as Surrey, Sussex and the wider South East’s favoured concrete and screed suppliers, we go to great lengths to ensure our clients get concrete mixes tailored to the work at hand.

We have over 20 years of experience in the provision of high graded, site mixed concrete to individuals, trades and companies in areas such as Brighton, Crawley, East Grinstead and Horsham – and take pride in providing solutions for the unique challenges posed by particular development projects.

Most concrete mixes are comprised of the same materials: cement, aggregate and water. It’s the ratios of these separate parts that create an end product with particular characteristics. Certain elements can also be added in, to create specialised concrete mixes that meet the needs of projects.

Examples include:

  • Adding fibres to improve strength
  • Using accelerating chemicals to reduce time to set
  • Improving ease of flow with plasticisers
  • Inhibiting corrosion with additives
  • Slowing time to set with retarding agents

In the glossary below, we’ve run over the graded concrete mixes that are most commonly employed on construction sites around Brighton, Crawley, East Grinstead, Horsham, and their surrounds. Unsure which will best suit your particular needs? Call our concrete suppliers right away on 01342 844 553 or 07748 189 400. To calculate how much concrete you’ll require, use our online calculator.

Concrete Mix Glossary

C7/8/GEN 0

A versatile choice with many different applications. It’s a wet and lean mix ideal for filling cavities, bedding kerbs, haunching and backing, blinding, and the construction of foundations for residential developments.

C10/GEN 1

Filling trenches, floor blinding, creating un-reinforced strip and building foundations for steps are amongst the tasks this mix excels in. It’s extremely well rounded and in high demand amongst the Brighton, Crawley, East Grinstead and Horsham construction firms we serve.

C15/GEN 2

Looking to embed metal within house floors? There are concrete mixes idea for this situation, including C15/GEN 2. Other applications include building flooring which will remain uncovered once complete, foundations of small walls, and paving steps/paths.

C20/GEN 3

One of the concrete mixes best suited to hard landscaping and similar property development projects. Clients typically employ it for driveways, garages, sheds, extensions, new builds and larger walls that require the proper support.


These concrete mixes are often used in both domestic and commercial projects around Brighton, Crawley, East Grinstead, Horsham and nearby locales. They’re great for building footings and foundations, and similar groundworks like trench fills, and mass concrete fills.

C30/PAV 1/ST 3

This category refers to a few concrete mixes that subtly differ. C30 is ideal for pavements, walkways and patios, as well as foundations on poor quality ground. PAV 1 means an air entrainment agent is added to concrete mixes, which protects against freeze-thaw cycles, which can otherwise damage concrete.

C35/PAV 2

Getting into the “heavy-duty” territory of concrete mixes, this blend is ideal for meeting the demands of commercial and industrial projects; piling, external slabbing of areas with high foot and vehicular traffic, as well as raft foundations are all a breeze for C35. PAV 2 adds in the same protection vs freeze-thaw cycles as mentioned above.


These concrete mixes are as tough as they come, and tailored to projects like the construction of support beams, roadworks, foundations, septic tanks, paving for HGV parks, and any project which requires exceptional protection against chemicals and acids.

Let us help you figure out which concrete mixes will suit your project. Call MV Concrete on 01342 844 553 or 07748 189 400. We cover Crawley, Brighton and the wider South East.