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If you’re gearing up to launch a development in the Reigate area, you may be faced with the question: do I opt for ready mix or site mixed concrete? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, before you even begin to consider the nuances and details of individual concrete mixes. Here MV Concrete, Surrey’s premier supplier of site mixed concrete (including foam concrete, a low density cellular concrete that’s a fantastic filler material), runs over some advantages to help with deciding the appropriate product.

But don’t forget that MV Concrete are more than just suppliers of site mixed concrete. We also provide volumetric lorry and concrete pump hire, and serve as screed suppliers for Reigate and all surrounding areas. So whatever is detailed on this website that you require, pick up the phone and call 01342 844 553.

Advantages of Site Mixed Concrete

  1. Pay for What You Use – Estimating the volume of concrete mixes you’ll use on a project can be difficult, and it’s very common for Reigate residents to end up purchasing extra bags that might be partially used, and therefore can’t be refunded. When you choose site mixed concrete from the MV team, or to have your own team mix concrete on site but with the aid of our volumetric lorry or concrete pump hire services, you can avoid wastage in this area and only pay for what you use. Minimisation of waste is also a good reason to use us as screed suppliers, as we can ensure you get the right amount and not heaps of superfluous material!
  2. Tailored Concrete Mixes – Different applications require different concrete mixes, differing in consistency and load-bearing attributes. When you bring in a professional supplier of site mixed concrete, we come with volumetric trucks ready to mix a tailored blend that’s specifically made for the use at hand. We can also make last minute changes if the specifics on a Reigate project were to change; this might prove a challenge if you’ve purchased bags upon bags of pre-mixed concrete!
  3. Site-Wide Access – Being a provider of concrete pump hire, we can directly combine this equipment with our volumetric lorry mixers, providing a steady line of on-demand concrete that can reach even the most awkward areas of a Reigate site that might be difficult to reach with a wheelbarrow or similar “traditional” receptacles. Foam concrete can also be supplied in this way, ideal for filling out large spaces where hard-core or loose materials might be cost-inefficient.

Other Services We Provide

But don’t just choose us for our site mixed concrete. Choose our stand alone volumetric lorry and concrete pump hire services, or when you need screed suppliers who’ll be able to supply high quality materials to enable developments in Reigate and its surrounds.

So what are you waiting for? Choose MV Concrete for high quality, ultra-convenient site mixed concrete for projects throughout Reigate and its surrounds. Call 01342 844 553.