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One common task our team handle throughout Haywards Heath, and all nearby areas, is the supply of site mixed concrete for the construction of floors. Oftentimes, these are very large floors which need to put up with an exceptional amount of force – e.g in the case of industrial applications. Here, an MV volumetric lorry will attend the site, with the option of our concrete pump hire service to provide an easy, steady stream of tailored concrete mixes to even difficult to reach areas.

As we also serve as the Haywards Heath area’s first choice foam concrete and screed suppliers, we can provide a quantity of appropriate screed to strengthen or decorate the floor, and assist with filling spaces that might be otherwise expensive to fill with hard-core or traditional concrete. Below, we’ve looked at a few of the reasons you might choose site mixed concrete floors over alternative materials, in case you’re still unsure…

Why Choose Concrete for Floors?

Strength – Extremely tough stuff, concrete can withstand exceptionally high levels of pressure and weight. This makes it ideal for premises around Haywards Heath where heavy machinery or vehicles might be driving onto or across the floor regularly. The type of concrete mixes used for flooring will largely be dictated by this expected usage.

Lifespan – This strength means concrete can last for a truly impressive time. When worked by landscapers or builders who know what they’re doing – and we provide site mixed concrete, as well as volumetric lorry and concrete pump hire to many clients around Haywards Heath who occupy this category – they can last for many years and provide unrivalled value for money.

Affordability – Speaking of value for money, concrete is one of the more affordable materials you can choose for floors, just as it is for paths and driveways. Many of the clients around Haywards Heath who make use of us as concrete pump hire, volumetric lorry or screed suppliers, choose us due to the necessity to keep costs down and stick within fairly tight margins. And choosing concrete mixes over alternative materials is just another way to achieve this.

Options – Contrary to popular belief, concrete doesn’t have to be simple, drab and uninspiring. There’s actually quite a few different options you could go for, including different colours and textual effects. Utility doesn’t have to come at the cost of style when you choose concrete mixes for floors and similar features.

Maintenance – We’d recommend Haywards Heath clients who want something low maintenance to consider concrete. If it’s resealed every 6 months or so, and is regularly power washed, it’ll stay looking vibrant and new for a long time to come.

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