Site Mixed Concrete in Crawley, Horsham & the Neighbouring Areas

MV Concrete Ltd supplies site mixed concrete in an array of mixes for domestic, commercial and industrial projects throughout Sussex and Surrey. With a fleet of modern volumetric mixer trucks, we provide fresh, premium-grade concrete to exact requirements at construction sites in Crawley, Horsham, Horley and the across the region. By mixing concrete onsite, we give our clients precisely what they need, where they want it.

Performing the mixing process on the day of delivery also offers flexibility for last-minute changes in regard to the consistency of the concrete. However, we take every measure to ensure your project has the ideal grade and mix design for the required application in advance. Our team operates with over two decades of shared trade and industry experience, so we offer advice and assistance in choosing the right concrete mix ahead of time, ensuring a smooth, efficient delivery.

Our clients can rest assured that we mix and batch concrete to the very highest of standards. No matter what type of site mix concrete we produce, it full complies with BS 8500-1 and BS EN 206.

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The Benefits of Site Mixed Concrete

Below, we have outlined some of the many advantages of using volumetric concrete for construction projects in Crawley, Horsham and the surrounding areas.

Only Pay for What You Use

By using volumetric mixers to create site mixed concrete, you receive the precise volume and mix of concrete needed for your specific project. This process ensures that over-ordering doesn’t happen. Not only does this eliminate any waste concrete, it also plays a vital role in managing budgets without compromising on the quality of the product or the efficiency of the service.

Guaranteed Fresh Concrete

By mixing concrete on site, we always ensure a perfectly fresh product when it comes to pouring. As such, unforeseen issues in transportation, such as heavy traffic, have absolutely no impact on site mixed concrete. In comparison, pre-mixed concrete transported from a yard to a site in a drum remains at risk of curing or going off if delays should arise.

Perfect for Projects of Any Size

From a domestic job in Crawley to a commercial or industrial project in Horsham, site mixed concrete always provides an ideal solution for any requirements. Despite the size of our volumetric mixer trucks, we produce the smaller quantities required for domestic work with ease. With our concrete pump hire options, we can transfer the material to the pour site at locations with even the tightest of access.

To discuss your site mixed concrete requirements in Crawley, Horsham or any of the neighbouring Sussex or Surrey areas, call 01342 844 553 or 07748 189 400.