Concrete Mixes in Crawley, Horley, Horsham & the Neighbouring Areas

In our position as time-served concrete and screed suppliers, we understand the importance of finding the ideal type of concrete to suit the demands of your project. We work with our domestic, commercial and industrial clients to ensure they receive a concrete mix that delivers optimal results. From our base in West Sussex, we operate across the county and into neighbouring Surrey, including locations such as Crawley, Horley and Horsham. With more than 20 years of shared trade and industry experience, our team has the expertise to design and supply concrete mixes in a range of strengths and grades.

The majority of concrete mixes consist of the same raw materials: cement, aggregate (usually stone and sand) and water. By varying the ratios of these materials, we create mixes with different qualities. In some cases, we add additional materials that provide specialist qualities, including:

  • Fibres for increased strength
  • Accelerating chemicals for quicker setting
  • Plasticisers for improved flow and workability
  • Corrosion inhibitors for steel rebars
  • Retarding agents to slow the rate of setting

Below, we have listed a glossary of the concrete mixes we supply. To discuss the most appropriate mix for your project in Crawley, Horsham or any of the surrounding areas, please contact us.

A Glossary of Concrete Mixes

C7/8/GEN 0

We supply this wet, lean concrete on a huge range of general applications for domestic and commercial projects. Uses include kerb bedding, cavity filling, haunching and backing, blinding and domestic foundations.

C10/GEN 1

One of the most versatile concrete mixes available, this product provides multiple uses in the construction industry, including housing applications. Uses include trench fill, un-reinforced strip, floor blinding, drainage works and foundations for steps.

C15/GEN 2

This mix offers the ideal solution for house floors without embedded metal. We also utilise it for flooring that will have no permanent cover or finish, like tiles or carpet. C15/GEN 2 concrete mixes also provide foundations for small walls and paving for steps and paths.

C20/GEN 3

We usually supply this mix on lightweight domestic applications and foundations in Crawley, Horsham and throughout Surrey and Sussex. These include driveways, garages, extensions, new builds, large walls, oversites for conservatories and bases for sheds and workshops.


We supply these concrete mixes for a variety of domestic and commercial projects. Commonly, applications come in the form of footings and foundations, including reinforced fill, trench fill and mass concrete fill. This also includes general groundworks.

C30/PAV 1/ST 3

These concrete mixes usually apply to the construction of pavements, but also make an ideal material for lighter external applications like stables, walkways and patios. C30 particularly creates ideal foundations in bad ground. PAV 1 mixes contain an air entrainment additive that creates standard-sized air bubbles within the concrete to protect the surface against freeze-thaw cycles.

C35/PAV 2

These concrete mixes have a heavy-duty nature, making them ideal for demanding commercial and industrial sites in Crawley, Horsham and the surrounding areas. Uses include raft foundations, piling, external slabbing and any other areas with high levels of wear and tear. PAV 2 also includes the same protection against freeze-thaw cycles as PAV 1.


MV Concrete supplies this strong, commercial grade mix to projects that include structural and support beams, roadworks, foundations and footings, paving for HGV parks, septic tanks as well as slurry and sileage pits. This mix withstands chemicals, acids and excessive wear and tear.

To discuss concrete mixes for domestic, commercial and industrial projects in Crawley, Horsham and throughout Surrey and Sussex, call 01342 844 553 or 07748 189 400.