Concrete Mixes & Concrete Pump Hire in Horsham | Benefits of Our Services

As locally trusted concrete and screed suppliers, MV Concrete Ltd provides a wide range of services that come with various benefits. From multiple concrete mixes to concrete pump hire options, we cover every aspect of projects in Horsham, providing an array of advantages that make things simpler and more affordable. If you are considering options for your domestic, commercial or industrial project, look no further than the site mixed concrete and screed provided by MV Concrete.

For the ultimate convenience, we have listed and outlined below some of the advantages that extend across the range of services we provide as concrete and screed suppliers.

Saved Time

Whether it’s a domestic, commercial or industrial project, sticking to timescales remains vital to the successful completion of work. Quite simply, time is everything, let alone money. By hiring us as your concrete and screed suppliers, we save you time from the very outset.

By specialising in site mixed concrete, we free up valuable time before we deliver products. As we produce various concrete mixes on site in the Horsham area, you don’t need to concern yourself with any concrete related matters until we arrive, allowing for greater focus elsewhere.

In addition, our range of concrete pump hire options negates the time-consuming effort involved in making multiple trips back and forth between our truck and the pour site. This increases the amount of time tradesmen have to work with the concrete and also reduces the risk of re-pouring.

Less Waste

With tight budgets to adhere to, excess materials on construction projects in Horsham represent wasted money. By opting for site mixed concrete, our clients only pay for the exact amount of concrete they require. As a result, they always get outstanding value for money.

What’s more, our concrete pump hire options also eliminate concrete lost through spillages and accidents. The alternative method remains the somewhat cumbersome wheelbarrow approach. Even with the utmost concentration, some material will inevitably get lost along the route to the pour site.

With the options we provide as your concrete and screed suppliers, you receive concrete mixes designed for your exact applications, all of which we transfer without any waste.

Access All Areas

The sites we visit in Horsham come in all manner of dimensions, from wide open spaces to narrow passages. As reliable concrete and screed suppliers, we have the ability to adapt to the demands of any location without any effect on the efficiency of our service.

In simple cases, our volumetric mixer trucks can park up alongside the site. However, for sites up flights of stairs or in gardens without any rear access, we utilise concrete pump hire options to deliver concrete mixes without any concern or hassle.

Quite simply, when it comes to getting our site mixed concrete to our clients’ desired location, we do whatever it takes.

If you want to discuss site mixed concrete options for your Horsham-based project, call 01342 844 553 or 07748 189 400.